MSc student for Applications of Coherently Prepared Media

Job description

Quantum-state superpositions are often employed as qubits in quantum information. For their successful application in is essential to lengthen the coherence times, and have versatile methods of controlling the state of such superpositions by external electromagnetic fields. The propose of the project is to develop such methods. In particular, superpositions of specific atomic magnetic sublevels will be required with well determined quantum numbers and symmetric properties which will offer new ways of performing quantum operations on such states. Experimental methods of unambiguous detection of such states by optical methods will also be developed within the project.

We expect

  • completion of at least 3rd year (BSc level) in physics, material science, advanced materials or related fields,
  • good scores in atomic, optical physics and in quantum mechanics,
  • strong motivation for research work,
  • teamwork ability,
  • good command of English.

Required documents

  • covering letter,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • reference letter.

We offer

  • possibility of completing the MSc requirements,
  • access to modern experimental apparatus,
  • work in a dynamic team, participation in edge-cutting research and international exchange,
  • prospects for future research with the team (PhD study)
  • stipend (1 000 PLN per month) for about a year,

Candidates fulfilling the requirements send required documents to Prof. Wojciech Gawlik with "TEAM application form" in a Subject line.

Note that the MSc student participating in the project need not to be associated with the Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University or even with the Jagiellonian University.

Reqruitment deadline is 25th June 2010.