National Science Foundation:
  1. Global Scientists project for joint research (2007-2010),
  2. US-PL Twinning Program 2002-04
  3. Research project NSF & Polish Academy of Sci. 2003-06 INT-0338426, "New Frontiers in Nonlinear Magneto-Optics"

  1. Science 4 Peace application for the 2010-2014 in the final qualification round,
  2. Research project for cooperation between Krakow-Riga-Berkeley PST.CLG980362, "Study and application of high-order atomic and molecular polarization moments".

Joint PhD and MSc projects:
  1. Szymon Pustelny, Nonlinear magneto-optical effects, PhD tesis supervised by prof. W. Gawlik and prof. D. Budker, Kraków, 2007 (pdf).

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