The main area of interest of the Center for Magneto-Optical Research are nonlinear magneto-optical effects, such as nonlinear magneto-optical rotation, coherent population trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow-light, etc., studied in room-temperature, as well as ultra-cold gases. The goal of the research is to understand microscopic processes governing interaction between light and matter under action of external fields. Good understanding of the processes enables generation of matter in the, so-called, coherent state, which exhibits unique physical, in particular optical, properties. Such matter allows one to measure magnetic fields with extremely high precision, transfer quantum properties of light into atoms and vice-versa, and store and process quantum information. Despite the fundamental character of our research, practical applications of the phenomena, in particular construction of ultra-sensitive magnetic-field sensors and generation of multi-dimensional quantum "bits", are extensively studied in the Center.

Currently, the following projects are realized in CMOR:
1. Nonlinear magneto-optics in alkali vapors at room temperature.
2. Magneto-optics with ultra-cold atoms.
3. New media for magneto-optical applications.


The research in CMOR is supported by:


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